Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain solutions that drive the movement of goods into, within and out of Africa

AFMASS Conferences & Expos provide supply chain solutions providers with the opportunity to trade and network with industry leaders from the industry who are seeking such solutions to grow their businesses

A more efficient supply chain is a critical driver to delivering growth and efficient food industry value chain in a continent that has one of the highest costs of distribution, warehousing and shipping in the world – due to poor infrastructure.

As Africa connects more with the world due to globalisation, food and agro products sourced from the Continent will increasingly travel further and further to reach consumers in far flung regions of the world, hence the increased importance of more streamlined supply chains in Africa to reach these markets.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos are perfect for suppliers and other stakeholders that seek to drive optimisation of the supply chains in the food, agro and feed industry in Africa.

At AFMASS Expos, you will find the following solutions:

  • Distribution and retailing services and solutions
  • Warehousing and logistics services and systems
  • Material handling equipment and services
  • Storage and repackaging services
  • Bulking and consolidation services
  • Transport and shipping services and solutions
  • Weighing and measurement solutions
  • Pallets and palletising solutions