Packaging Equipment & Solutions

Packaging solutions to package food, agro and feed produce from Africa and the world – from A to Z

AFMASS Conferences & Expos provide a unique platform where the food industry value chain players can source the latest packaging systems and supplies for their local and export markets. 

The importance of the right packaging can not be over emphasized – after all, packaging not only protects the product, but also is a good way to attract and retain the consumer.

AFMASS Expos bring together a mix of local, regional and international suppliers of packaging solutions so that the packages used by the food, agro and feed industry meet consumer and regulatory requirements – in an increasingly globalising world.

The AFMASS Conferences highlight some of the latest innovations, regulations and trends in the packaging world, enabling the industry in Africa to tap into the latest technologies and trends around the world.

At AFMASS Expos, you will find the following range of packaging solutions for your growing business and more:

  • Primary packaging materials and supplies – carton, paper, plastic, glass – for the entire food, agro, feed and food service industry.
  • Secondary packaging materials and supplies – carton, paper, plastic – for the entire food, agro, feed and food service industry.
  • Packaging and filling equipment for beverages, flours and milk products; meat, poultry and fish; agro produce and grains; fast food; tea, coffee; processed foods and more.
  • Labelling, traceability and bar-coding solutions
  • Packaging chemicals and suppliers including adhesives, foils, wraps, shrinkwrapping
  • Handling and conveying solutions for packaged products e.g. pallets, conveyors, hoists etc