Engineering Solutions

Technological solutions that improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs and risks to Africa’s industry

AFMASS Conferences & Expos are the ultimate platforms to reach out to Africa’s industry with the appropriate engineering solutions that meet the region’s unique requirements.

The adoption of technology and improvement of efficiencies in Africa’s industry remain a big challenge – and a huge opportunity for the business owners and solution providers.

AFMASS Conferences & Expos are perfect for engineering solutions providers that aim at driving optimisation of production, processing, storage, distribution and retail of food, agro and feed products in Africa.

At the AFMASS Conference sessions, key decision makers are exposed to the latest technological innovations and practices in the engineering space that lead to reduced costs of operation and increased safety and productivity in their daily operations.

At AFMASS Expos, you will find the following engineering solutions:

  • Automation solutions
  • Infrastructure and construction solutions for factories, offices, warehouses and other facilities
  • Fabrication, maintenance and repair of equipment, facilities etc
  • Utilities management solutions
  • Water provision, storage, treatment, monitoring and distribution systems
  • Cleaning, waste and waste water management solutions
  • Environmental management solutions
  • Software and hardware systems for handling, processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution and retail operations
  • Process controls and efficiency solutions