About Industry Business Leaders Forum

The Industry Business Leaders’ Forum is the apex of the proceedings at the AFMASS Conference & Expo, taking place as the last activity of the conferences on the last day of the event.

The Forum brings together Boardroom level executives and investors from the industry to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future prospects of the industry in the region.

The Forum will take place at both the Kenyan and Zambian editions of AFMASS 2018.

The forum provides business leaders with a high-level platform to discuss the operational, regulatory, fiscal, supply chain, and human resource challenges and achievements in the last year, and provides them with the opportunity to discuss future prospects of their companies and the industry into the next 2-3 years.

The industry leaders are drawn from a number of sectors of the industry to provide a broad perspective of the entire food & beverage; agro, milling & feed and hospitality & foodservice industry in the region, providing delegates with a 360-degree view of the prospects of the industry into the near and long term.

In this session, industry leaders from the various sectors discuss the following:

  • What challenges and opportunities did the industry face in the last year?
  • How can the industry players take advantage of the opportunities that arose from last year, and how did they tackle the challenges that arose?
  • What are the industry trends (products, packaging, formulations, markets) that are emerging, and how does the industry plan to deal with or take advantage of these trends?
  • What specific investments; technology, product, market or people will the industry focus on the next one to five years?
  • Are there some specific initiatives or examples the industry can learn from other sectors or countries within the region?

Interested in being a Panelist at the Industry Business Leader’s Forum? 

Contact the organisers on Tel: +254 20 81 55 022; Cell: +254 725 34 39 32 or info(at)foodworldmedia.net