AFMASS Conferences & Expos are famous for the top notch Technical & Business Conference sessions that bring together industry investors, managers and professionals; suppliers; Government agencies and NGOs; research institutes and universities to discuss the latest technologies, trends and regulations in the food, agro and hospitality industry in Africa.

Past editions of the conference sessions at AFMASS have been graced by some of the most experienced and well-known leaders from breadth of Africa and the World – adding an extra weight to the event as the most important platform for all stakeholders to shape the future of the industry in sub-Saharan Africa.

By attending the Conference, stakeholders learn new technologies, regulations and practices that enable the industry in Africa to adopt to a new consumer environment; where a more aware consumer in Africa continues to ask for better quality, safer, lower cost and better packaged products.

Participants also learn the trends technologies in the manufacturing, packaging and food safety of food & beverage products; milling and animal feed products; and how to improve productivity and food safety in the hospitality and foodservice industry.

At the conferences, Technical Presentations are interspersed with business-focused Panel Discussions and networking sessions that ensure attendees get a grip of both the technical and business skills to manage their businesses and take advantage of new technologies and market opportunities.

The sessions cover the following two broad categories to ensure a wider coverage of the industry:


The African Food & Beverages Tech Conference sessions focus on current and emerging issues in Africa’s food and beverage storage, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, food service, marketing, retailing and consumer safety.


The African Grains, Milling & Feed Tech Conference is the first stand-alone regular technical conference for the grains-related industry in sub-Saharan Africa.

The conference focuses on current and emerging opportunities, challenges and trends in Africa’s grain, baking, milling and animal feed storage, distribution, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and retail and food safety.

It also covers the food security situation in the Continent and regional trade issues in the grain-based industry


The Conference sessions cover the following subject matter areas:

  • Packaging technologies and their applications in the industry
  • Manufacturing excellence and efficiency improvement systems
  • Processing & Engineering technologies and facilities management
  • Food waste and food security management
  • Status of grain commodity markets in the region
  • Trends, innovations and new technologies in post-harvest, storage, processing, packaging, retail and distribution
  • Costs, formulation and new product development strategies
  • Sustainability initiatives and technologies in the industry
  • People and systems management
  • Quality management, food safety and risk management from farm to fork
  • Standards management and local, regional and international trade 
  • Sanitation and hygiene management 

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