About AFMASS Conference & Exhibition – Zambia edition



The AFMASS Conference & Expo Zambia edition is the best platform for the industry stakeholders in the Southern-Central African region to discover the latest technologies and innovations that are critical to the growth of the young industry, in one of the regions with outstanding potential and opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

A new addition to the AFMASS Conferences & Expo, the event provides the most important route to Southern-Central Africa’s (SADC out of South Africa) food & beverage, agro and agro-processing, milling & feed and hospitality & foodservice industry.

The event targets the following countries in the region – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique and southern parts of DRC and Tanzania and neighbouring countries.

These countries have a lot in common, including a young and vibrant agro-processing industry driven by increasing investment in agriculture, manufacturing and associated industries.

Zambia is a leading light not only in the production of grains, oilseeds and livestock, but also on processing and packaging of products for local and regional markets in the SADC (Southern African Development Cooperation) region.

The country provides an ideal central location for the industry players from the region to converge at AFMASS Conference & Expo to trade, network and learn about the latest technologies and chart the way forward for the industry.

AFMASS Zambia edition will focus on current issues and trends in the region; with a particular emphasis on how the region can improve on processing and packaging efficiencies, food safety and regional trade in grains and oilseeds; meat, fish and poultry and other food, beverage and feed products.

AFMASS Zambia is structured to provide delegates and exhibitors with an excellent networking opportunity through a high-level conference and trade exhibition.

The Conference sessions shall bring together 500+ regional and international delegates and speakers in conference and panel discussion sessions.

A parallel exhibition, open to trade visitors, and where over 1200 visitors are expected over the three days, will provide exhibitors and partners the opportunity to trade and reach out to the industry.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers and other stakeholders to showcase some of the most innovative ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase yield, streamline processing and packaging, manage people and processes, improve quality and food safety and fine-tune supply chains that are critical to delivering EXCELLENCE in the food & beverage, milling & feed, agro and agro-processing and hospitality & foodservice in the region’s industry.